What if I have been Raped or Sexually Assaulted?

What if I have been raped or sexually assaulted?

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
The SARC provides a comprehensive follow up service to men, women and young people (ages 13 and over) living in the Hertfordshire area, who have experienced rape or sexual assault, whether this has happened recently or in the last 12 months. The centre comprises a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in advising and supporting victims. This team includes specially trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs), who will care for those who have been assaulted, liaising, where appropriate with the Police and other agencies.
Feedback: If you have recently attended the SARC and would like to provide confidential feed back on your experience on the service you received, please take a moment to fill out this feedback form. SARC Feedback form
Service description: A service delivered in partnership with the NHS to provide immediate physical and on-going help and support following a rape or sexual assault. The service provides an efficient and effective care pathway for clients into the Sexual Health Services, Rape Crisis, Victim Support and other partner agencies. The SARC also has Forensic Doctors, known as FME’s, who are able to take samples and complete a full body examination for the purposes of providing evidence should the victim decide to proceed with criminal proceedings. The information taken (including the samples) can be stored for up to 7 years. This allows the victim time to decide if they wish to take criminal action in the future. The doctors within the SARC are also able to issue emergency medication.
Independant Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs)
SARC Medical Room
Have you been raped or secually assulted recently?
Have you been raped or sexually assulted in the past
Useful numbers
Self Referral (non Police)
Hertfordshire Constabulary – Rape/Sexual Abuse
Staying Safe


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