Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership strategy consultation: Privacy Notice


The data being collected in this survey will be used to identify key areas for action in our domestic abuse strategy.

Hertfordshire County Council is the data controller for this data. We are not asking for your consent to collect this data as you will not be identifiable from your responses to the survey questions and therefore your consent cannot be withdrawn. However, you can opt not to complete this survey. In addition, there is no requirement to respond to all of the questions in the survey if you do not wish to provide specific information.

All data will be held anonymously. An individual cannot be identified in the data. Where there are small numbers of responses relating to a specific group, information will not be shared to avoid any cross referencing of data. The survey responses will only be accessed by the Strategic Partnership team. Aggregated data from the survey in the form of results reports will be shared with Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership members. This data will not identity individuals.

If you have any concerns about the use of your data please contact data.protection@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

All the data will be held by Hertfordshire County Council for 1 year. It will be then be securely destroyed.

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