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Sunflower Champions

Spot the signs of domestic abuse. Know where to point people who need help.

Champions are people in everyday public jobs who can keep a look out for people that may need some support

You could be a hairdresser, estate agent or working on the tills at Tescos. Whatever.

But with a network of eyes and ears around Hertfordshire, there's a better chance that no-one has to suffer in silence.

4 types of Sunflower Champions

Community Champions (J9)

Community – or J9 - Champions are provided with a half day training session that seeks to help delegates gain an understanding of domestic abuse, to recognise and respond to victims and understand how to refer that person to appropriate help and support. A Community Champion can be anyone amongst local business and services who comes into contact with the public regardless of their job role. This is our ‘help on the high street’ approach.

Lead Champions (Agency)

Lead Champions training is a one day training session that combines the Community Champion training with additional half day training on dynamics of domestic abuse, risk and emergency safety planning. The Lead Champions role is to support the community champions and wider colleagues within their organisation and across the champions’ network by giving enhanced practical help and support when needed.  This may include provision of advice and guidance associated with a speciality or particular area of expertise e.g. Housing, Mental Health or policing, or sharing of domestic abuse information and materials.This is our workplace based approach.

Strategic Champions

Strategic Champion training is one day. This is a standalone training day for those Champions whose role it is to act as an ambassador and leader for domestic abuse policy and practice development within their organisation, influencing decisions and direction to ensure domestic abuse is fully understood and embedded throughout whilst supporting the local domestic abuse partnership Strategy and local priorities.  Delegates do not have to attend the Community or Lead Champion training. The Strategic Champion training covers the Hertfordshire Strategy for tacking Domestic Violence/Abuse as well as National strategies, lessons learned and how to implement good practice. 

J9 Train the Trainer (development opportunity)

Ahalf day training session for anyone wishing and able to deliver the Community Champion training within their organisation or locality but who would benefit from gaining the skillset to assist in the delivery of training. This session covers group dynamics, presentation skills, dealing with difficult trainees, managing questions etc.

What you'll get

  • Either a half day J9 Community Champion or a full day Lead Champion training session – depending on the Champion level being applied for - to help you better understand, recognise and respond appropriately to those  experiencing, or concerned about, domestic abuse. These training programmes have been revised in the context of COVID-19, and now being delivered virtually in a time-condensed manner.
  • As a Champion you will be enabled to provide needed support to colleagues within your organisation and beyond through enhanced practical help and support when needed. 
  • In return you will be provided with access to resources, further training and networking opportunities, and regular updates.

Most importantly, doing this to help people who really need it.

You can register your interest in becoming a Lead Champion with our Herts Sunflower Champions application pack or email

To find out more about the J9 Community Champion scheme, see the ‘About the J9 initiative’ section at the bottom of this page before contacting

Updates for Sunflower Champs

Hertfordshire Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC) August 2019 review

Sunflower Champions briefing (June 2019) (PDF, 289 kb)

“Landmark moment” as Domestic Abuse Bill introduced to Parliament

About the J9 initiative

J9 training was developed in memory of Janine Mundy, a mother killed by her estranged husband in 2003.  "J9" is how Janine used to sign her text messages. The initiative was started by her family and Police in Cornwall.

Read more about J9 (PDF, 108kb)

Herts Sunflower J9 Resource and Information Pack (PDF 310KB)